Bridges began as singer and songwriter Alex Young’s solo project, after he took a year off from school to develop his songwriting craft, and wrote over 40 songs. Bridges soon evolved into a full fledged rock band, when Young’s former guitar teacher recommended a rhythm section comprised of Chase Cross on bass guitar and David Williams on drums. At their first meeting, the 3-piece experienced immediate musical chemistry, writing their first song together in 15 minutes. Still early in their careers, the band is developing a sound all their own, drawing influences from rock, soul, and fusion styles.

The group’s new single ‘Learn to Dance’, featuring master percussionist Weedie Braimah (Nth Power, Fourchestra) on congas and djembe, is a gritty, latin-influenced rock song inspired by Alice Walker’s book of poetry ‘Hard Times Require Furious Dancing’. The lyrics explore the idea of dance as an ethic for dealing with difficulty and struggle. Instead of seeking control, seek intimacy; instead of seeking autonomy, seek community. Instead of learning to escape, learn to dance.

Known for their energetic live performances, superb musicianship (saxophone and electric guitar round out the live band), and insightful lyrics, Bridges continues to impress audiences across the southeastern US.